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Digital SAT Mock Test #1

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To fully prepare you for the May 6 Digital SAT, we are offering an exclusive Mock Test! This full-length Mock Test is very similar to the official Digital SAT with 4 modules and 98 authentic questions and comes in a PDF view-only format. 

Please note that we are not offering the answers key & explanations for this test *in the same file as other tests, we will be sharing a separate file* to provide you with a true testing experience. By taking this test just before your D-Day, you will be well-prepared to ace the Digital SAT.

This test includes:

  • Reading and Writing Module 1 - 27 Questions
  • Reading and Writing Module 2 - 27 Questions
  • Math Module 1 - 22 Questions
  • Math Module 2 - 22 Questions

Customer Reviews

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Nahida Aydinli

Yes. I used your Reading and Writing book. The book was really suitable for self-studying; each question, even each variant, had understandable explanation. I did 300 questions within 3 weeks without any teacher/adult help. I believe that it will have an effect on my result.

Day before exam I did Mock Test. The test was very close to real exam and it reduced my stress. That was a kind of motivation before the exam day when you can't do a lot things.

I really appreciate you for your help - your books, mocktests and whatsapp group - for students who have few resources for SAT preparition.