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Vibrant Publishers LLC

Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions (2024 Edition)

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Introducing the new edition of Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions with improved questions and explanations.

  • A bank of 300 Reading and Writing practice questions
  • Improved and detailed explanation for each answer choice
  • Exhaustive coverage of all 10 types of questions
  • 1 full-length and timed Reading and Writing test
  • An in-depth overview of the new Digital SAT

This book is not just a practice book; it is a self-learning guide that will take you through the specifics of the new test and make you well-versed with the 10 question types asked on it. 

The initial chapters will give you a brief and concise overview of the Digital SAT to equip you with the test pattern and question types. These chapters will also inform and update you about all the recent changes done to the format of the test and the questions. 

You will get a focused practice of each question type with 30 questions dedicated to each of them. You can start with the easy questions first and then move on to harder ones as they are segregated according to their difficulty levels. At the end of each chapter, you will find explanations giving elaborate reasons for why a choice is correct or incorrect. Reading these explanations will show you how each question type should be tackled and how the answer can be derived quickly. 

At the end of the book — after you have mastered all question types — a full-length and timed Reading and Writing test awaits you! This test is created as per the new Digital SAT format with 54 questions divided into 2 modules. 

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Digital SAT Reading and Wri... by Vibrant Publishers

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 322 pages

eBook (ISBN): 9781636512259

Paperback (ISBN): 9781636511887

Trim Size: 8.5” x 11”

Category: Study Aids/SAT

Author: Vibrant Publishers

About the Series

Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions is part of the Test Prep Series. The focus of the Test Prep Series is to make test preparation streamlined and fruitful for competitive exam aspirants. Students preparing for the entrance exams now have access to the most comprehensive series of prep guides for GRE, GMAT, and SAT preparation. All the books in this series are thoroughly researched, frequently updated, and packed with relevant content that has been prepared by authors with more than a decade of experience in the field.

Editorial Reviews

Overall, because of the breadth, depth, and organization, I would recommend this book to students and teachers.
- Motz Maria, Purchasing Dept School Board Sarasota County

The questions are in the SAT style and well explained and they cover most question types on the Digital SAT.
- Praveen Sharma, Director, Wizius Careers


Customer Reviews

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a helpful resource

You will know almost immediately if this book is of interest. For those who are planning to take an SAT and feel the need to practice, this will certainly be a welcome title. It focuses on the new digital version of the exam.

Included is information on this test version along with sample questions. Going digital is a moment of change for the College Board. As an example of this changes, it is noted that there will no longer be extended reading passages. Those who are taking the test will certainly want to know about Multistage Adaptive Testing and other topics covered in the introduction such asthe scoring.

There are sample questions with detailed explanations of the correct answer and why that answer is the best choice. The section on distractors is interesting and helpful.

So, to be ready if planning to take this version of the test which will be offered starting in fall 2023, give this title a look.

Many thanks to BooksGoSocial for this title. All opinions are my own.

Website Customer
Nice 👌

This book is very nice book. In Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions Book we are having lot of questions regarding sat exam. This book is help as to improve over reading and writing
Best book for SAT preparation

Fenil patel

This book is on reading writing for sart exam
This book improve reading and writing
In this book we are havving 400+ Reading and writing questions and it’s help us in sat preparation

Drashti kakadiya
Nice book

Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions Book is very nice book for all SAT candidates
This book is very good and this book have many knowledge regarding sat questions. Best book for SAT preparation . And this book have many questions and that questions help us to crack SAT AND get good score in Sat


This book is very nice and the questions and answers are too good i makes practice very good and effective.