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Vibrant Publishers

SAT Math Practice Questions

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  • 350 Math Practice Questions for in-depth practice 
  • 1 full-length timed Math Practice Test to get acquainted with the new SAT
  • Detailed Solutions and Answer Explanations for every question
  • Mixed Platter of Questions serving multiple content areas, sub-categories, difficulty levels, and question types




SAT Math Practice Questions by Vibrant Publishers


Customer Reviews

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SAT Math Practice Questions

Maths has never been my strong point, so digging into book felt a little overwhelming at first, but as it turns out, this is one of the few good ones out there.

The book is focused upon the SAT exam and it also begins with a fully detailed explanation of SAT including all the processes, who takes it and more. This book has 343 questions which I felt were carefully chosen to cover all the important topics. And this book would be perfect for the ones who have already studied their way and want to test their abilities with some really good questions.

Theres even a full-length question paper that can help you feel how the actual test might go. Plus, this book also helps you understand each of 343 questions with a detailed explanation and even an indicator of difficulty present with each question.

Even if you just getting started, this book can also help you understand the test and feel how difficult the test would be once you are done preparing for it.

SAT Math Practice Questions

Nice book, help full for SAT students

Kanika Navani
SAT Math Practice Questions

The book was very helpful. The question covered all the types and was helpful for me. It helped me to understand about question structures i could easily navigate covering all necessary things and practicing from here made me improve. It helped me to score more.

SAT Math Practice Questions

The Vibrant Publishers Test Prep series of 343 SAT Maths Practice questions make the student understand the redesigned format of the SATs and practice numerous questions based on every style of questions asked.
It has questions from all the essential areas of maths: the algebra, the permutations, the linear equations and advanced topics in maths. The level of difficulty for each and every question is also specified in order to make the student feel confident when she/he solves a certain question.
An elaborate and extensive explanation for each and every answer is also given in the end of the questions. A one full length timed math test is also given in the end to practice in the exact SAT way.
Also a sat overview is provided in the starting, discussing all the the points which are tested and how the scores are analysed giving a full proof guide to the students to get a perfect score. Recommended to all the students who want to appear for SATs!