6 Must-read Management Books This September

6 Must-read Management Books This September

Management subjects are known for having fat and heavy books that overload the learner with overwhelming information. While these detailed books are just what majors of business and management studies need, graduates, entrepreneurs, and professionals require handy guidebooks that have all the ‘essential’ information on the subjects to later brush up on.


Vibrant Publishers’ Self-Learning Management series is one such compilation of ‘Essentials’ books that comprise just the information you need on the subjects. In this blog, we have listed 6 self-learning management books that were launched in the month of August and are must-reads!





#1 Business Plan Essentials You Always Wanted To Know by Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven



Before starting a business, the wise thing to do is not dive straight into manufacturing the product or think of ways to market it. The first thing to do is create a game plan for your business. This game plan is called a Business Plan. This business plan will comprise the company’s overview, business description, market analysis, operational plan, marketing and sales plan, financial plan, and an appendix. You can read more about the components of a business plan in this blog.


In Business Plan Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, you will learn to build a pragmatic business plan for your organization or business. This book contains business plans not only for businesses but also for nonprofits, project developments, and manufacturing businesses. Unlike other books, it guides you step-by-step with practical examples and sample business plans. These sample business plans are given for you to get a clear idea of the differences between each business plan and why they are different in the first place. With this book, you get access to a Business Plan Template that can be used to create a plan for your business. 





#2 Diversity In The Workplace Essentials You Always Wanted To Know by Jaquina Gilbert




Lately, people have become more accepting of the differences between each other. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement was an eye opener for everyone to put a stop to the stereotypes and discrimination towards people different than us. In workplaces where we encounter people from diverse backgrounds, harmony has become more important than ever. For this purpose, more information and education is needed on these issues.


Diversity In The Workplace Essentials You Always Wanted To Know educates the reader on topics like identity, diversity, inclusion, and equity in workplaces. It thoroughly navigates through the less-spoken issues at the workplace and shows ways for organizations to overcome them.





#3 Microeconomics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know by Prof. Amlan Ray



Imagine that you are hungry and your stomach is craving a cheese-filled sandwich. You buy a sandwich for yourself. The sandwich has 6 pieces in total. When you take the first bite, you will be immensely relieved and will try to eat the sandwich as fast as possible. After you’ve eaten 4 pieces, your stomach starts filling up. By the time you reach the 6th piece, your hunger will subside and you won’t get the same satisfaction that you received upon taking the first bite. This is called the Marginal Utility of a product which is one of the concepts taught in microeconomics. Unknowingly, we use microeconomics in our daily lives – budgeting for our households, determining our needs and wants, deciding which product to buy and how much to buy, etc.


The concepts of microeconomics are explained in a simple and straightforward manner in Microeconomics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know. This book includes all essential concepts like demand and supply, elasticities of demand and supply, consumer behavior, utilities, theory of firms, and international trade to help you understand how the economy works at an individual level. This book will be instrumental for undergraduates, graduates, and budding entrepreneurs to comprehend the effects of demand and supply on the economy as a whole.





#4 Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (5e) by Kalpesh Ashar



Words like income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and accounting cycle are enough for one to take a step back and forget learning about it. But, a very important aspect of being a management student or an entrepreneur, or a person living in the 21st century for that matter, is to understand how accounting works. Knowing the basics of financial accounting goes a long way to not only managing your personal finances but also understanding how money flows.


Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know introduces all the basic concepts of financial accounting in simple and easy-to-understand language. We recommend reading this book because unlike the daunting books on accounting, this book simplifies concepts without going into a lot of detail. It also includes solved examples as well as practice exercises for the learner to better understand the concepts.





#5 Cost Accounting and Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (5e) by Kalpesh Ashar



Looking after the costs of an organization is just as important as monitoring the revenue. Cost accounting is an important function of decision-making in a business. Decision makers of an organization analyze cost data and think of strategies to lessen it. Cost data also enables them to actively think of creative ways to save costs. For example, IKEA, a company known for its furniture products, saves costs by selling parts of furniture that the customers can assemble at home. This way, they save costs on labor and transportation.


In Cost Accounting and Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, you will learn the different types of costs, how to control them, and make wise decisions based on them.





#6 Financial Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (5e) by Kalpesh Ashar



“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” This was said by P.T. Barnum, an American showman and one of America’s first millionaires. The key to attaining and retaining money in a business or your life is to learn to manage it.


With a third book on finance, Kalpesh Ashar gives an insight into the important aspects of managing the finances of a business. He touches upon concepts like capital budgeting, working capital management, managing debts, and much more. The book is a great resource for beginners to start their journey to managing their own or their business’ finances efficiently.


All these books come with practical examples, case studies, fun facts, and online resources like downloadable templates to enrich the learning process. Add these books to your personal collection and read up on the essential concepts whenever you need to.


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