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Join us in conversation with Vishal Desai, author of Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, as he talks about the book and its main focus of study – sales management.

Vishal Desai has worked extensively in the areas of sales and marketing strategy, brand and product management and corporate strategy. His area of expertise lies in launching new products with the right marketing strategy and managing products through their entire life cycle. His portfolio of brands launched while working at Indian licensee companies, includes Sony PlayStation One, Slumdog Millionaire, Spiderman, WWE Raw and several other entertainment franchises across the gaming and movie industry. In Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (Sales Management Essentials), he compiles his vast experience and theory into one exciting, informative book.

Read on to find out more about Sales Management Essentials.

We all know what sales is. But what is sales management and why do we need it?

Sales as a function acts as the bridge between an organization and the final consumers it intends to serve through its market offering. Sales is where most of the action in a business lies because it is a crucial revenue-generating function. That’s why sales management is extremely important to meet the challenges of increasing competition levels in the marketplace. Effective sales management helps an organization to optimize results from its selling and sales force management efforts to achieve the organization’s revenue targets. It is thus imperative for one to be familiar with various aspects of sales management.

What does the book have to offer?

Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted to Know is a book that deals with all the essentials of sales management which are required to make decisions about sales channels, selling techniques, distribution strategy, sales promotion tools and sales force management to achieve the desired sales objectives. It enumerates the important facets of sales management. The book explains each aspect of sales management in a lucid manner and a structured format, so that it is an easy read for the readers. It addresses the need of having a book which acts as a concise ready reckoner on sales management which spares you the effort to read through a traditional and voluminous textbook. The established as well as recent practices followed by organizations in the function of sales management are discussed in the book.

Who can use this book?

This book can be helpful to students, entrepreneurs as well as executives working in the sales department of an organization who wish to apply the learnings from the book in their professional life. The book also serves as an excellent aide for faculty members who teach courses or programs in Sales, Distribution or Marketing Management at colleges and universities.

What’s inside the book?

It contains many relevant examples, tables, charts and diagrams for better understanding of various sales management concepts and their practical applications.  At the end of each chapter there is either a case study or a class assignment or a role play activity which can be administered by the faculty to reinforce the learnings from the chapter and to enhance the teaching learning process. Every chapter has a set of three quizzes, each with ten multiple choice questions and their respective answer keys to engage the students.

Could you give us a brief overview of the chapters?

The chronology of the chapters of the book is aligned such that the initial few chapters of the book familiarize the reader with the introductory topics of sales management and the subsequent chapters discuss some advanced topics. The book also throws light on the recent developments in sales management like Direct to Consumer (D2C) sales channel, Omni Channel sales and the shift from product selling to concept selling. Each chapter also outlines, at the beginning, the key learnings to be gained by the reader from that chapter. Moreover, each chapter contains a ‘Chapter Summary’ which summarizes the discussions of the chapter. The book ends with a concluding chapter on the impact of a pandemic on sales management practices.

By the end of the book, readers will be able to:

    • Get a complete understanding of the concepts and approaches required for effective decision making in sales management.
    • Understand how to select, manage and evaluate the sales channel members.
    • Implement various sales strategies in your organization to maximize its sales revenue in today’s competitive marketplace.
    • Learn how to manage strategic and key client accounts of an organization.
    • Appreciate the importance of sales force management and manage the sales force effectively.
    • Learn various sales promotion tools and techniques to increase sales revenue of the organization you work for.
    • Understand how to handle conflict situations in a sales management role.

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