India’s road to transformation: Why leadership matters in a growing nation like India

‘India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters’ explores India’s growth trajectory and Prime Minister Modi’s extraordinary leadership

Front and back cover of India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters
‘India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters’ tracks the growth trajectory of India and explores Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s transformational leadership.

Broomfield, Colorado, January 23, 2024 ‘India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters’ is a fact-filled book on India’s transformation process under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Co-authored by Professor Jagdish Sheth, well known for his books on global competition, geopolitics, and consumer behavior, and  Gyanendra Singh, a pioneer in category management, the book shows how a transformational leader can save a drowning country and sail its ship. The authors compare revolutionary leaders like Deng Xiaoping, Park Chung Hee, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Helmut Kohl, Lee Kuan Yew, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt and how they achieved long-lasting transformation in their countries. The reigns of these great leaders serve to set an example for how a leader must be — pragmatic, tireless, and inspirational.

The book goes on to describe different types of leadership styles — Situational, Transactional, and Transformational — and how each style ultimately affects the growth trajectory of a country.

Currently, India is the fifth-largest economy in the world and is growing at a rate of 7.3% (as of 2023) and it is projected that it will become the third-largest economy by 2030. The authors concur that a country like India, with its diverse ethnic cultures and differing ideologies, needs a leader that unites them together to achieve this goal and ultimately raise India to superpower status.

In the book, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s revolutionary efforts of streamlining taxation through GST, demonetization, space exploration, schemes for health insurance, and foreign relationships and policies are tracked and juxtaposed against the previous governments. A key part of the policy is to invest in digital technologies to govern the nation. The book posits that even though the efforts of the previous governments were not ineffective, the ideologies of their leaders were a setback for India and missed a golden opportunity to open up its economy during Nehru’s reign.

Through data from the IMF and PwC reports, the authors have laid down a fact-based argument for reelecting the incumbent government to ensure political continuity. “To achieve transformation within a reasonable period, say 15 to 20 years, India will require deep and widespread reforms—likely only possible under a transformational leader along the lines of Deng  Xiaoping, Lee Kuan Yew, or Park Chung Hee,” says Gyanendra Singh, the co-author of this book. “Specific to India, it is appropriate to ask how far India has come on its journey, what should India’s transformation look like, how does Prime Minister Modi’s term compare to previous regimes, and whether Modi is the “transformational” leader that India needs at this point. If not Modi, then who else can rise to the challenge?”

The book is now available on NetGalley where interested readers can request a review copy and leave their review.

Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Gyanendra Singh, authors of India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters
Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Gyanendra Singh, authors of India’s Road To Transformation: Why Leadership Matters

About the authors
Dr. Jagdish Sheth is Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and is globally known for his scholarly contributions to consumer behavior, relationship marketing, competitive strategy, and geopolitical analysis. Dr. Sheth has been on the board of several companies including Norstan, Pacwest-Telecom, Cryocell International, Shasun Drugs and Chemicals, and WIPRO Limited. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM) which supports research and scholarship among Indian scholars in marketing and management.

Gyanendra Singh is a former P&G executive, Managing Partner at The Partnering Group and Director of the Center for Retail Management at the Kellogg School of Management. His initial career in R&D led to two patents and new products. This was followed by a marketing and management systems career, during which his strategic insights led to many concepts of Category Management. He has authored many articles and books and advised multinationals across the globe— from Argentina to Russia. Subsequently, his work has focused on change management within large organizations, including national transformation.

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