Vibrant Publishers brings a new and impactful discussion on the use of ChatGPT in its podcast series

The podcast with Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven discusses the impact of ChatGPT on various fields and sheds light on its ethical usage

Podcast on ChatGPT with guest speaker Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven
The podcast with Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven highlights the growth of ChatGPT and its impact on education and jobs.

Broomfield, Colorado, February 05, 2024, Vibrant Publishers has released a podcast titled ‘Navigating the Impact of ChatGPT on Careers’ that aims to educate students and professionals on the right way to incorporate the new and ever-evolving AI tool, ChatGPT, in their respectful fields. The guest speaker, Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven shares her insights into the state-of-the-art generative AI that has already proven its dynamic presence in the domain of education and workspace.

Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven, who has gained over three decades of experience in business development and management, career development and advancement, and many related programs spoke about the generative AI or the “robot”, as she calls it, which has “encroached or enhanced” millions of lives. The podcast addresses concerns about how ChatGPT affects people’s professions and the moral implications of using it, its threat to replace jobs as it can serve as a cost-effective substitute to professionals, and the different approaches one must consider while using the AI tool efficiently.

“This is another technological advance and we’ll make it get through but, we do need to start thinking in terms of how we’re going to make this a good thing and not a bad thing”, states Dr. AnnaMaria as she discusses ChatGPT’s impact on people’s occupation and jobs. She adds, “There’s a lot of careers that the ‘robot’ isn’t touching, not for the next 50 years and those are the ones that you want to ask yourself, will it fit my passion and potential and my preference?”

She believes that there is a “need to revamp” educational institutions “so that we are integrating the use of the ‘robot’ from K through 12 and in higher education” as ChatGPT is quickly gaining importance among young students but, in turn, affecting the education system drastically due to its highly debated ethical usage.

Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven, author and business professional.
Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven is an expert professional and the author of three books published by Vibrant Publishers.

Dr. AnnaMaria emphasizes the significance of learning the right skills to prompt ChatGPT correctly. She also talks about the challenges of adjusting to this fast-paced world and explains how to efficiently and simultaneously manage time for job, business, school, and/or, household tasks in her book, Time Management Essentials You Always Wanted to Know.

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About the Guest
Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven has over 30+ experience in business development and management, career development and advancement, team development, teaching and training, and in various profit and not-for-profit businesses. She has an Undergraduate degree in Communication from Arizona State University, a Master’s degree in Communication from West Virginia University, an MBA from Colorado Technical University-online, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She has authored three books– Entrepreneurship Essentials, Time Management Essentials, and Business Plan Essentials which showcase her zeal for guiding individuals from various disciplines.

Business Plan Essentials, Entrepreneurship Essentials, and Time Management Essentials authored by Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven
Business Plan Essentials, Entrepreneurship Essentials, and Time Management Essentials authored by Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven

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Navigating the impact of ChatGPT on Careers