A new self-learning book on marketing services launched today

Services Marketing Essentials written by industry professional Vishal Desai simplifies concepts for self-learners

Front and back cover of Services Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
Services Marketing Essentials is an indispensable manual for marketers and founders to learn the foundations of marketing services.

Broomfield, Colorado, October 27, 2023 Vishal Desai’s newly released book on services marketing is a handy guide for marketers. Services Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (Services Marketing Essentials) makes a marketer’s life easy by providing a comprehensive overview of how services are marketed. This book is available to purchase from Vibrant Publishers’ website and Amazon.

Vishal Desai is an esteemed professional with a two-decade-long experience in the fields of sales and marketing. He has held leading positions at companies like Reliance ADAG’s Zapak.com, Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, and Milestone Interactive Group. Services Marketing Essentials is Vishal’s second published book. His first book, Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, was published in April 2022. “Right from my B-school days, I have had a flair for writing, be it for a college magazine, a news column, or in response to an editorial piece. I have written these books with my knowledge of the fields so that readers can know how the theories apply in practical life.”

Services Marketing Essentials encompasses core concepts of marketing services with a special focus on implementing these concepts in real life. The book skillfully informs about the 7 Ps of service marketing and how they come alive in real-life situations. Next, it explains the famous models of service quality and the possible gaps in service delivery that could lead to services not being as expected by customers. It teaches marketers to focus on what the customers want, how services should be designed according to their needs, and how marketing communication should be effective and true. Lastly, a full chapter is dedicated to navigating the pricing of services.

This book is a true self-learning guide filled with interesting case studies on Starbucks, Disneyland, AirBnB, and Netflix and multiple choice questions at the end of all chapters for quick revisions and retention. Apart from this, the book comes with free downloadable templates of customer feedback forms and revenue and cost sheets to help readers implement the learnings of the book.

Vishal Desai, author of Services Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
Vishal Desai is the author of the newly released Services Marketing Essentials. Vishal is an esteemed professional with two decades of experience in the domains of sales and marketing.

About the Author
Vishal Desai has two decades of formidable work experience as Category and Business Head at leading Indian entertainment companies viz: Reliance ADAG’s Zapak.com, Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, and Milestone Interactive Group. He has worked extensively in sales and marketing strategy, brand and product management, and corporate strategy. His expertise lies in launching new products with an optimal marketing mix and managing products through their entire life cycle. The portfolio of brands launched by him, while working at Indian licensee companies, includes Sony PlayStation One, Slumdog Millionaire, Spiderman, WWE Raw, and several other franchises across gaming and movie entertainment.

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Title: Services Marketing Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
Publisher: Vibrant Publishers
ISBN: Paperback - 9781636511733
Hardback - 9781636511757
E-Book - 9781636511740

Services Marketing Essentials - A services marketer’s ultimate guide