GRE Test-Takers can now get a thorough and focused practice of the Quantitative Reasoning section

GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme with 520 practice questions will provide ample practice to test-takers



BROOMFIELD, COLORADO, US, August 25, 2022: Vibrant Publishers' GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions (GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme) will provide students with a targeted and thorough practice of the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE. This book launches today!


GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme with 520 solved math practice questions will give ample practice to test-takers. These 520-questions are presented in the form of 10 timed practice tests so that test-takers can learn to effectively manage their time on the test day. A key feature of the book is that the questions are segregated according to their difficulty levels so that it becomes easy to recognize weak areas and work on them. The questions cover the four core areas of mathematics namely Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis.


“GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme is thoughtfully organized and easy to use. I enjoyed going through it and was very impressed. The format of the GRE along with the testing and scoring procedures are explained so that there will be no surprises for the student on the day of the test and very useful test-taking tips are also included. The effective design allows students to practice with timed tests. If a student determines that there is an area of weakness, he/she can easily find that section and focus attention on problems of that specific type. All problems have step-by-step explanations and are very easy to follow. I highly recommend this book for students wanting to be well-prepared for the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the GRE General Test." says Laura Mischke, Head of Adult Services, Bellevue Public Library.


GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme also comes with elaborate answer explanations of the questions so that learners don’t just solve the questions but understand them as well. The book also comes with a GRE Stress Management ebook that can be accessed from Vibrant Publishers’ website. This Stress Management ebook contains tips to manage the stress experienced while preparing for the GRE, a 6-month study plan, and an 8-week study plan to help test-takers organize their preparation time and not miss out on anything.



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Title: GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions

Paperback ISBN: 9781636510910| Hardback ISBN: 9781636510934| EBook ISBN: 9781636510927

Publisher: Vibrant Publishers