Sales Management Essentials – An Exciting Guide to the World of Sales and Sales Management



Vibrant’s Sales Management Essentials is a definitive guide to understanding various sales management tools, sales techniques, and sales promotion strategies

BROOMFIELD, CO, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2022: After a much-anticipated wait, Vibrant Publishers’ new book, Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (Sales Management Essentials) releases today! This book explores the multi-faceted nature of sales management in the 21st century. It has already received rave reviews from professors, librarians, and industry experts, who refer to it as a stimulating, concise guide that elaborates on all the important aspects of sales management functions.

The book is authored by Vishal Desai, a seasoned business management professional with two decades of industry and academic experience in sales and marketing strategy. It discusses the trending topics in the field, including how sales differs from marketing, why you should focus on selling your product concept and not just your product, and how the nature of sales management has been impacted by the pandemic. Today, sales and sales management strategies don’t follow the traditional, run-of-the-mill practices that were used twenty, ten, or even five years back—practices that were unsuccessfully used and re-used to boost shrinking sales revenues. In the modern workplace, sales functions are shaped by the fast-paced nature of digital technologies, increasingly sophisticated sales management software, and highly specific and personalized selling tools and techniques that target niche audiences. Sales Management Essentials incorporates all these diverse elements of modern-day sales and salesforce management into one concise guidebook that will help all sales professionals, sales managers, and marketing personnel to manage sales functions and activities in their organizations.

The highlight of this book is that it combines theory and practical insights, providing learners with all the core concepts they need to know about sales management along with relevant case studies like Lay’s ‘Do Me A Flavor’ that explains how unique sales promotion techniques can boost sales revenues by an unbelievable margin. With many more interesting examples like this, the book lays out the entire ‘story’ of sales management, taking care not to delve into extremely technical details. The readable nature of this book has earned it the title of a ‘lucid, succinct and exciting guidebook’ to understanding sales management.

Thomas Li-Ping Tang, Ph.D., Professor of Management at Jennings A. Jones College of Business says, “This exciting book on sales management essentials offers a clear definition for critical concepts, several practical examples, relevant case studies, class assignments, and even a short quiz. It is a perfect teaching tool for sales management courses or corporate training programs. Business professors, instructors, sales managers, salesforce personnel, and students will enjoy reading these exciting materials. ” Sales Management Essentials is ideal for young managers, budding entrepreneurs, and industry professionals who want to grasp all the important aspects of sales management. It is also a great teaching aid for the academic fraternity, especially in sales management, marketing, and marketing management courses.

With this book, sales management concepts become clear, lucid, and easy to implement, making it the perfect book for sales managers and aspiring sales personnel who want to navigate the complex world of sales.

About the Author

Vishal Desai is a seasoned business management professional with two decades of industry and academic experience across marketing, sales, brand management, advertising, retail management, and services marketing. He teaches various courses on these subjects, which are his areas of expertise, at B-schools. Mr. Desai also consults organizations in implementing best practices in these domains. In his career span so far, he has worked with leading companies across verticals of FMCG, Media & Entertainment, Education & Training, and Consumer Goods.

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About Vibrant’s Self-Learning Management Series

Sales Management Essentials is part of Vibrant Publishers’ Self-Learning Management Series. This series is designed to address every aspect of business and help students, new managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons. Each book contains fundamentals, important concepts, and standard and well-known principles as well as practical ways of application of the subject matter, in a compact format that is very easy to interpret.

Titles: Sales Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

Publisher: Vibrant Publishers

Paperback ISBN: 9781636510743 | eBook ISBN: 9781636510750 | Hardcover ISBN: 9781636510767