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Broomfield, Colorado, October 7, 2023 Vibrant Publishers’ podcast series which was launched on June 19, 2023, now consists of 7 full-length episodes available to watch and listen on YouTube and Spotify. The guests of these podcasts include the esteemed authors of Vibrant’s self-learning management books, who are experts in their respective fields. The authors talk about their books and share their expert opinions on important management topics, making it a great listen for other authors and business professionals. The guests also give guidance to those who are entering the field of management and are therefore useful for career-starters as well.

The guests first take us through their professional journeys, giving the listeners valuable insight into how they built their careers. Then, in the “key takeaways” section, the authors talk about a few important learnings from their published books with Vibrant. Following this, they talk about current topics and upcoming trends in their areas of expertise.

“People Power: Insights and Strategies for HR Professionals” - a podcast with Dr. Denean Robinson hosted by Vibrant Publishers.
Dr. Denean Robinson sheds light on the lives of HR professionals in episode 1 of the podcast series.

Two of Vibrant’s podcasts discuss the vastly developing HR industry. Dr. Denean Robinson, an experienced HR professor and a member of Vibrant’s Advisory Board gives insights and strategies for HR professionals in episode 1. In another episode, Dr. Michael Walsh, an HR and people expert discusses the exciting world of HR Analytics. Dr. Robinson talks about the challenges in the HR industry and gives her expert advice to those who want to begin a career in HR while Dr. Walsh talks about the technologies and upcoming trends involved in HR analytics.

“Empowering Success Through Stakeholder Engagement” - A podcast with Michelle Bartonico hosted by Vibrant Publishers.
Michelle Bartonico simplifies the complex subject of stakeholder engagement in episode 2.

Episode 2 conducted with Michelle Bartonico, a seasoned marketer and project manager, revolves around empowering success through stakeholder engagement. She discusses the difference between stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement, gives insight into how to manage the needs of different stakeholders, and shares tools and exercises to improve stakeholder engagement efforts. She also busts some common myths about stakeholder engagement and shares the top 3 life lessons from her work experience.

“Navigating Marketing and Sales: Lessons from Vishal Desai” - a podcast by Vibrant Publishers.
Vishal Desai talks about his vast marketing and sales experience in episode 5.

Another episode titled “Navigating Marketing and Sales” features Vishal Desai who has over 2 decades of experience as a marketing professional. He offers in-depth discussions related to the field of sales management and services marketing. Vishal gives valuable advice to career starters on how to build an influential marketing career. He says, “For a marketing professional, it is important to know and develop the right marketing mix to help solve the customer’s problems.” He talks about the importance of creating a strong salesforce, building customer relationships, and using insights to improve customer experience.

“The Art and Science of Decision Making” - a podcast with Mark Koscinski by Vibrant Publishers.
Mark Koscinski, author of Decision Making Essentials gives tips to hone decision-making skills.

Vibrant hosted a 2-part podcast on decision analysis with Mark Koscinski, author of Decision Making Essentials You Always Wanted To Know. In the first part titled “The Art and Science of Decision Making”, he reveals how to hone decision-making skills and keep up with its evolution. He discusses the 2 systems of decision-making, cognitive biases, and emerging trends in decision analysis. The recently released second part titled “Group Mechanics Decoded” revolves around group dynamics and dysfunctions and how to overcome them and improve collective decision-making.

“Law Beyond Borders”- a podcast with Komal Shah hosted by Vibrant Publishers.
The latest episode in Vibrant’s podcast series sheds light on the ‘essentials’ of business law.

The latest episode in the series is titled “Law Beyond Borders”. It hosts Komal Shah, esteemed author of Business Law Essentials, who sheds light on how business laws can help entrepreneurs up their business game. She discusses the importance of staying up-to-date with changing business laws and the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical application of these laws.

At the end of the podcasts, all the authors talk about their experience of working with Vibrant Publishers, and their writing process and give a few tips to first-time authors on how to get started with their writing journey. It is the guests’ knowledge and their keen interest to share their expertise with the world that makes these podcast conversations captivating and enriching.

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