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Vibrant Publishers

Stakeholder Engagement Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

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  • Identify key stakeholders in a project
  • Understand the fundamentals of managing stakeholders 
  • Discover helpful approaches and strategies to engage stakeholders
  • Learn how to build a Stakeholder Engagement plan 
  • Respond to stakeholder scenarios with the eye of a Project Manager



Stakeholder Engagement Esse... by Vibrant Publishers

Bibliographic Details

Pages: 232 pages

Paperback (ISBN): 9781636511511

eBook (ISBN): 9781636511528

Hardback (Color): 9781636511535

Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Category: Business & Economics

Author: Michelle Bartonico


Stakeholder Engagement is the lifeblood of project management because stakeholders can make or break a project.

In Stakeholder Engagement Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, you will explore how to balance the tenets of project management with the uncertainties of human behavior. This book provides foundational essentials of Stakeholder Engagement along with practical techniques and tools to successfully navigate projects and your relationship with people in an organization. You can apply what you learn anytime you need to move a project, a conversation, or a partnership forward.

The book does not just state techniques to engage with stakeholders but makes learning fun and engaging with the help of case studies, activities, and tips that will tickle your brain and make your wear the hat of a Project Manager. You will gain a deeper understanding of project management and stakeholder engagement tools like Project Charters, Stakeholder Register, Power/Interest Matrix, etc.

Whether someone is a team lead, executive, or team member, it's essential to know how to anticipate, monitor, and engage people throughout the life cycle of a project and beyond.

By the end of Stakeholder Engagement Essentials, you will have a playbook for engaging stakeholders to achieve project success and deliver value to your organization.

This book is part of the Self-Learning Management Series designed to help students, managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons.

About the Author

Michelle Bartonico is an experienced, solution-driven marketer and project manager with more than a decade of experience in higher education and marketing agencies serving clients in a breadth of industry verticals from healthcare to manufacturing. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), PROSCI certified change practitioner, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and has completed the Google Project Management Career Certificate program. Michelle also earned a Search Engine Optimization specialization from UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. 

About the Series

The Self-Learning Management Series is designed to help students, new managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons and covers every aspect of business, from HR to Finance to Marketing to Operations across any and every industry. Each book includes basic fundamentals, important concepts, and standard and well-known principles as well as practical ways of application of the subject matter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elizabeth H
Good for new entrants to the career

Although Stakeholder Engagement Essentials You Always Wanted to Know is very much grounded in reality and practical skills, it also heavily leans on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). I feel the focus on what the PMBOK® Guide says makes the book better for people who work in organizations that draw their methods from the PMI ways of working.
If you work in an organization that uses a different methodology, you obviously can still learn from the book and apply the core skills.
However, we need books like this, that provide accessible, realistic entry points for people starting out in their careers. Stakeholder Engagement Essentials is clear, precise, and basically a playbook for doing the project management aspects of working with others. It covers:
• Stakeholder identification
• Mapping and analysis
• Creating a stakeholder engagement plan and looping project communications into that
• Working through challenging situations.
If you are new to project management, new to leading project teams – even if you have a lot of other, related business experience in a different field – then this will be relevant to you. Stakeholder engagement on projects is specific and different to the way that you worked with other teams in an operational or line management role, so it is worth reviewing ‘the basics’ so you have a solid understanding of how to make them work.

A longer version of this review first appeared on Rebel's Guide to Project Management:
I was given an advance reader copy via Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Mark McCullough, M.A.T.
A relevant read

Given the dynamic world in which we live, it is crucial more than ever to identify and cultivate your business community's stakeholders. The author accurately reflects this need and establishes proven methods that have helped our community engage with the right stakeholders, at the right time.

Bob Scherer, Dean of the Michael Neidorff School of Business
A playbook for success

Stakeholder Engagement Essentials is the definitive playbook. Michelle leads us through the key processes and provides the tools to effectively execute. A clear, concise, and contemporary field guide for all project managers.

Jennifer Dempsey
A Must Read For Project Success

Whether you are a seasoned project manager or simply someone who cares about a project's success, the strategies in this book are for you! Michelle Bartonico distills her years of experience leading successful projects and effectively engaging the most challenging of stakeholders into this helpful manual that reads like a trusted friend and mentor wrote it. No fluff, no jargon- just great advice from a wise and seasoned project management veteran. Highly recommended!

Good book

I liked the book.