Personal Finance Essentials You Always Wanted to Know


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Dr. Eric Trevizu
Complex financial info made simple. Pick this up ASAP!

Book title and author: Personal Finance Essentials You Always Wanted to Know (Self-Learning Management Series) by Ankur Mithal reviewed 3-27-24

Why I picked this book up: I won this in the LT, January 2024 early review batch. It allowed for 8 weeks to get the electronic book sent to me. I had difficulty opening to read and Vibrant Publishers helped me get access to this wonderful book.

Thoughts: as a child I was taught to go to school, get a good job, put money in the bank,not to spend more than I make, take fun vacations and provide for my family without much more than those. Reading this book slapped me across the face and I now see I miss out on vital information.

This amazing, simple, concise book covers:
● Personal finance basics – such as income and expense, asset and liability, and financial statements
● Budgeting and making a financial plan for the future
● Banking – types of accounts and facilities
● Investment choices and fundamentals of investing
● Borrowing – types of credit, credit risk, credit score
● Home – buy or rent decision, mortgage loans
● Insurance – life, car, home, health
● Taxation – income, property, sales, etc.
● Retirement and estate planning

Chapter 2:
This chapter will explain some of the key concepts in finance, an understanding of which helps in understanding and managing it better.
● Income and expense
● Income statement
● Cash flow statement
Every subject has a language that is unique to it in many ways. There are words and phrases that hold a defined meaning and relevance when used in the context of ublishersLLC
the subject. An understanding of the commonly used terms and phrases becomes a prerequisite in ensuring that readers or review purpos
of a text reach similar understanding and conclusions. Finance is no different.
This chapter will explain some of the key concepts in finance, an understanding of which helps in understanding and managing it better.
The concepts covered are:
Personal Finance Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
● Asset and liability
● Net worth
● Time value of money
● Compounding

Chapter 3: Budgeting and planning
Chapter 4: Banking
Chapter 5: Borrowing
Chapter 6: Home Ownership
Chapter 7: Investing
Chapter 8: Insurance
Chapter 9: Taxation
Chapter 10: Retirement Planning

Why I finished this read: From page one, this great Self-Learning Management Series designed to help students, managers, career switchers, and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons was top of rate. It had a lot of learning with fantastic and realistic ways of teaching complex financial basics broken down into very simple ways.

Stars rating: 5 of 5 stars! I highly recommend buying this book! I am learning to teach my offspring this important information.

Jacqui Murray
Good financial basics in layspeak

Ankur Mithal's Personal Finance Essentials You Always Wanted to Know (Vibrant Publishers 2023) provides a thorough overview of personal finance topics for the novice and others who want to backfill holes in their knowledge. Topics include:

Important Financial Concepts
Home Ownership
Retirement Planning

I'm pretty savvy on many of these topics, but still, Mithal managed to surprise me with a facts I didn't know--

"Fun fact Well-known investor Warren Buffet is understood to have started his investing journey at the age of 11 when he bought 6 shares of Cities Service preferred stock—three each for his sister Doris and himself, at $38 per share, eventually selling them for $40. When asked if he had any regrets about having started out at the age of 11, Buffet’s response was that he wished he had started out earlier, presumably hinting at the time value of money and the opportunity he lost by not having done so."

The book is written in layperson language making it easy to understand and consume. I didn’t have to look up words or memorize ideas to figure out what Mithal was saying. He kept it simple enough that each topic organically grew from prior ones. Chapters are delineated into essential items, key principles, and topics readers should expect to understand by the time they finish the book. Each chapter includes a chapter summary and a quick quiz to review essential topics and remind readers of the important elements. I’m not a fan of quizzes but in this case, it serves the serious student well to confirm their knowledge base for the upcoming chapters.

Overall, this is recommended to those with an interest in money and personal finance who might consider those topics too complicated or over their heads. With this book in hand, they aren't.