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Digital SAT Crash Course

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Digital SAT Crash Course includes the following THREE books:

1. Practice Tests For The Digital SAT

This book includes:

  • 5 Practice Tests with each section divided into two modules
  • 490+ Questions with varying levels of difficulty
  • Verbal and Math questions crafted according to the new guidelines
  • Detailed answer explanations to get a deeper understanding of questions
  • Distractor explanations for analyzing the incorrect answers
  • Exhaustive information on the exam pattern, question formats, and test-taking experience of the Digital SAT

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2. Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions

This book includes:

  • 300 Reading and Writing questions
  • Variety of questions from different domains
  • Detailed answer explanations and distractor explanations
  • Questions with varying difficulty levels
  • Latest information about the Digital SAT

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3. Digital SAT Math Practice Questions

This book includes:

  • 300 Math Practice Questions for comprehensive practice
  • Latest information on the question format, test structure, scoring process, etc of the Digital SAT
  • Questions from a variety of domains preset by the College Board
  • Exhaustive answer explanations and distractor explanations for each question
  • Questions with varying difficulty levels

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SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.

Customer Reviews

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Unknown being
General review

This book set is amazing and very helpful. Almost all things get covered in this and if you are trying to give sat in 2024 then you must refer this book

Awesome reference for SAT study

As new pattern, these books are excellent references for practicing Digital SAT. Not only they’ve q&a but also explanations and info about solving problems.
Must have for digital sat preparations

Good, high quality.

It is a bit expensive but absolutely useful for Digital SAT takers. Questions are unique, not too easy, and do measure your skills with great and accessible explanations. I also have another Digital SAT book from another publisher and when compared, this book is like an original Erica Meltzer or Collegeboard source.

I should mention that you can only access these books for 180 days if you buy an online version. However, it is pretty enough. I have really bought this book and this is not a comment written by a webiste editor by the way.

Sudheer Kumar Boddu

The "Digital SAT Crash Course" offers a comprehensive study package for SAT preparation. It includes five practice tests, 300 reading and writing practice questions, and 300 SAT math practice questions.

The practice tests are designed to simulate the actual SAT exam, helping you become familiar with the format and timing. They allow you to assess your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Fenil patel
Nice book

In this pack, we are having reading and writing and maths books . In this 3 books 50 test paper, 300 maths question 300+ Reading question300+ writing question and all questions are beige on sat exam and they are help in sat