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Online Practice Tests for the Digital SAT

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Master the SAT with ease using Vibrant's Digital SAT Software.

Designed to help you excel in the SAT, our software ensures you're familiar with the online setup, so you can focus on answering effectively, leaving technical worries behind.

Key features of the software include:

  • 4 full-length online tests
  • Elaborate answer explanations
  • Screens that resemble real test screens
  • A multi-stage adaptive approach to tests
  • Performance evaluation with personalized insights

As the digital SAT software provides a simulation of the actual test, it offers features that mimic the online test environment. One of its key features is multistage adaptive testing, where the difficulty level in Module 2 adjusts according to your performance in Module

The software also includes an identical screen that replicates the format and layout of the official digital SAT test screen. This feature allows you to familiarize yourself with the location of tools such as:

  • Mark for review to flag and review questions later
  • Countdown clock with alerts
  • Annotation tool to highlight and leave comments
  • Answer strikethrough tool to narrow down your choices
  • Onscreen calculator in the Math Section
  • Reference sheet containing common formulas

Additionally, the tests in the software include a mix of questions of varying difficulty that target different skills. At the end of the test, you will receive a holistic score analysis report which provides an in-depth performance analysis to help you identify areas of improvement.

Start practicing with Vibrant's digital SAT software today and confidently excel in the SAT!

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SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with and does not endorse this product.

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