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Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, and Agile Essentials For Project Managers

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This set of 3 books will help you:

Manage all kinds of projects - A project manager must have a project management guide at hand to revisit and strengthen their project management skills. Project Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know 5th Edition is a compact manual to usher into the domain of project management. The topics covered in this book include:

  • Project management overview
  • Project Initiation - Constraints, Stakeholders, PMO, Life Cycles
  • Project Planning - WBS, CPM, Budgeting, Quality, Resources, Communications, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholders
  • Project Execution - Audits, Resources, Communications
  • Project Monitoring & Controlling - Tracking, Quality Control, Change Control
  • Agile Overview 

Engage stakeholders in a project - “Stakeholder Engagement is the heart of project management” says Michelle Bartonico, author of Stakeholder Engagement Essentials You Always Wanted To Know. This is a practical workbook for a project manager to organize and engage stakeholders for maximum efficiency in their projects. The topics covered in this book include:

  • Identifying key stakeholders in a project
  • Fundamentals of managing stakeholders 
  • Helpful approaches and strategies to engage stakeholders
  • Building a Stakeholder Engagement plan 
  • Responding to stakeholder scenarios with the eye of a Project Manager

Learn the Agile way of project management - Agile Essentials You Always Wanted To Know provides a primary understanding of the Agile development methodology, when it is appropriate to use it, and the commonly used Agile practices. The topics included in the book are:

  • Scrum, a key Agile methodology
  • Various aspects of Agile planning and execution
  • Applicability of Agile in development and operations
  • Concepts and practices in Agile tracking and reporting
  • Overview of Agile leadership and team practices

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